Monday, August 26, 2019

Innovating ways that the documenatry industry is growing

We all love documentaries but one thing you may have noticed through browsing Netflix is that these days there is a lot of them – and not only that but YouTube has many documentaries. The truth is that this is a golden age for documentary creators – there are so many opportunities to monetise your content and we hope in this article or blog post we can teach you how it has worked for us and going into the digital age.

So the first thing is you have to understand how documentary creation used to work back in the days of the big station. What would happen is that a big company would look at creating a documentary about a popular news event and would sub contract that to either their in house team or perhaps an outsourced production team if necessary depending on the load of other projects.

Not many documentaries got made – however and the best bet was for a production team like ourselves to go to the various smaller affiliates of major networks and try to scour gigs on small local projects. These would not pay the best but would allow a production company to sustain themselves.

One thing we found was that speciality DVD shops could also allow us to sustain ourselves – if we could have a hit that would go over well with certain speciality shops there was money to be made. For example there were many opportunities to create content for yoga studios – not just in the US but all around the globe. Being successful was not so much the quality of the equipment that you had – it was more about being able to produce content for a hungry audience and deliver it to them and get paid for it.

Nothing much has changed with the online model – the only difference is that the result as to whether you have achieved success is much quicker these days and there are far fewer middle men. It seems that these days content creators an taking more and more of their creativity and business aspects into their hands – this is a challenge for some but also an opportunity for others.

One company that we have recently done an ad for which is launching soon is – and we are glad that we can do not only documentaries but also paid gigs for our valued clients that allow us to sustain our passions.

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