Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Web Cincinnati is Relaunching Its Directory

Today we are pleased to announce that we are relaunching our directory. As you may remember – or not many of you would – back in 2000 we ran the most comprehensive directory for people who are searching for things to do in the Cincinatti area. We had a map with events and we even had classified paid postings.

Unfortunately all that went away around 2001, and we lost our domain. After that we were unable to start even though we had a lot of great ideas. This is very sad because we really enjoyed running that site – we had a lot of sections including a Guestbook and not only were we a directory for people looking for things to do in the Cincinnati area but we were also a community of people.

One cool thing we did was also sell postcards – so it goes to say we missed looking after the Web Cincinnati directory and now I am pleased to announce that the website is now back and in the hands of the original owners.

Of course at the moment we don’t have much information at present – however I ask that you check back often as we move to create more and more content to here.

One of the reasons that this directory did not continue on in its original form is due to a lack of team work between the different stakeholders. One thing that we have discovered is just how important it is for people to work together – not just the people working on the website (developers, graphic artists and the like) – but also the business owners that will be listed in this directory. That is why we would like to give a big thank you to team building sydney office for helping us put together a strong, cohesive and single minded team.

Good luck with everything and I do hope you have a fantastic day and find what you are looking for – the pages will be built up as the days progress and so please enjoy your time here and all the best to you.

One of the clients we are looking to add – that is expanding their office space is Silk Wood Medical plastic surgeon practice – so we look forward to them becoming a prominent sponsoring member!

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